February 20, 2017

IST Proline Snorkels Review

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How to Find Suitable Snorkel ?

Are you a certified beach bum? If yes, why not upgrade from the usual frolic in the sand to the more exciting probe of corals and fishes, just a little below the surface. Snorkeling can be an exhilarating experience and is considered as a good prelude to scuba diving since the sporting activity enhances lung strength and tunes up the body to proper propulsion and buoyancy techniques. In fact, a few hours of snorkeling fun can help condition the mind and body that breathing underwater is indeed possible through the use of specialized scuba equipment.

But before you shop for a snorkel, a scuba mask or a scuba gear combo of mask and snorkel; read about the recommendable features of two snorkels coming from the IST Proline scuba gear line:

1. Soft Flex Tube with Semi Dry Top Snorkel

2. Dry Topped Purge Snorkel.

Comparison of Snorkel 

The Soft Flex Tube, Semi Dry Snorkel features a contoured, silicone tube and a purge valve close to the silicone mouthpiece intended for the easy clearing of water. And because it’s a semi-dry snorkel, the top end of the barrel is outfitted with a splash guard to minimize water entry especially in the encounter of choppy surfaces. Occasional purging of the snorkel is however required. Beginners will surely have a good feel of snorkeling with the basic features set into a semi-dry snorkel without having to contend with the manual purge of water because of it is semi-dry, purge design.

Meanwhile, the Dry Topped, Purge Snorkel slightly curves at the top where the self-regulating valve is integrated. The mechanism is configured to automatically close the barrel’s bore-hole when the device becomes skirted with water and then to re-open as soon as it detects air on the surface. Also bundled with a purge function, flexible barrel and silicone mouthpiece, this is truly an innovative piece of scuba gear. Getting a dry topped snorkel could make way for a truly comfortable snorkeling experience. Now this functionality is appropriate for more experienced snorkelers or scuba divers lingering close to the surface prior to descent (in order to conserve Air in the cylinder tank).

Apart from being outfitted with water-resistant mechanisms, it is important to note that the entire length of both snorkels are designed with a flexible, contoured barrel rather than a rigid tube. This would set the barrel at an angle flushed to the head in order to reduce drag and heighten user comfort despite being strapped to the head. Moreover, the mouthpieces of the dry topped and semi-dry snorkels are made of silicone which helps prevent jaw fatigue and allow for easy maintenance.

So have you made up your mind on which type of snorkel to buy? If not, just remember these set of functionalities: flexible barrel, purge valve, silicone mouthpiece and semi-dry (if you’re a beginner) or dry topped (if your a snorkeling expert). Better yet, choose from the scuba gear  line here ! Surely, either of the Soft Flex Tube, Semi Dry Snorkel and Dry Topped, Purge Snorkel is the right one for you.

Article by Felix Tero